Wild Words & Wisdom


Do you feel called to express yourself fully and be heard?
To give yourself permission to speak your words of wisdom?
To share the wild voice of your heart song and feel witnessed in a safe and sacred space?

If so, we would love you to join us along the banks of the Grand Union Canal, where we gather around the fire as an intimate circle of women to share our poetry, stories and song. Together we honour our connection to nature, nurture our senses and explore the seasons within.

For the past three years I have had the pleasure of hosting and holding space for these beautiful Wild Words & Wisdom sharing events.

Following the Celtic Wheel of the Year as the ongoing essence of our evenings, we come together as each season transitions, honouring the cross quarter festivals, as well as the equinox and solstice. The gives us the opportunity to meet 8 times throughout the turn of the wheel, allowing us to delve deeper into the changing nature of the seasons and what that represents to us within our own life.


(The Celtic Wheel of The Year, made by Kate throughout 2016 cycle)

We have found that each evening of sharing, is such a deep and rich blend of creativity, authenticity, expression and therapeutic healing for the soul, just by simply gathering together as Women and allowing our voices to be heard, held and witnessed.

Wild Words & Wisdom is held at Fishery Wharf Cafe, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead.

Here is the listing for our upcoming 2019 Wild Words & Wisdom

wild words-3

If you are interested in hosting your own Wild Words & Wisdom events within your local area, have a passion for poetry, story & song and are already familiar with holding space for Women, please get in touch via wildwisdomcalls@gmail.com where I will be happy to discuss this possibility further.

Please check out our Facebook page Wild Wisdom Calling, to see photos and information of our previous evenings and events, and don’t forget to give us a like!

It truly is an honour to hold these magical evenings and share them with everyone that attends, wether it be for one, or all eight of the events, as you are all as much a part of the creation, the wisdom and the wild heart that makes Wild Words & Wisdom what it is along this journey we are all sharing together.

We look forward to welcoming you x