Truly Spoken: A Seven Week Journey of Self Exploration & Creative Expression to find your Authentic Voice.


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“Our Truth is not about being right; It’s about expressing what we think and feel in an honest, vulnerable and authentic way” – Anonymous.


From page to performance, Truly Spoken is a seven week journey of creative being that offers a safe and intimate space to delve into our story so far. The nature of this course is to play within our personal experience to creatively explore & transform ‘What it means to be human’ whilst embracing our authentic voice and vulnerable self, to share our poetry & stories and remember what it feels like to be you.

What can I expect from this seven week course?

Through a series of weekly games and exercises to draw upon memory, place and personal truth, there will be sharing circles, free-writing/ conscious streams of thought, grounding and guided meditation, performance techniques and tips, the space to write, be creative and express yourself truly. Shadow puppetry, movement and song may also be used during the seven weeks.

This is about you finding your natural rhythm to write and speak your poetical flow, letting go of self-judgment and gaining the confidence to step into your authentic voice and share your personal stories of life.

As a group, we will encourage and support each other throughout the course with access to our own Truly Spoken online group. You will also have the opportunity of 1-2-1 sessions to support your individual journey and creative needs.

The seven weeks will culminate in a final evening of heartfelt performance where you will be invited to share your chosen piece of work for an intimate audience of friends & family of your choosing. There will also be the opportunity for you to record your piece of work to take home as a keepsake, future inspiration or to use as you wish.

Who is this course for?

The course is open to anyone with an interest or passion (at any level) in; poetry, performing, true-life/ storytelling, public speaking, the process of page to performance, creative self exploration, confidence building, a deeper connection to self and others, or to simply have a fun and creative opportunity to produce a unique piece of writing and or intuitive spoken word.

Come with an open heart and mind and be willing to embrace all possibilities connected to this exploration of your story and that which may arise from the unconscious places within.

Are you ready to be Truly Spoken?

If this seven week journey speaks to you and you would like to book your place or ask for further information, please email or contact Kate on 07816 777032. Alternatively please see Wild Wisdom Calling for Truly Spoken Workshop, courses and event listings.

Due to the intimate nature of this course and venue, places are limited so you may wish to book early.

Held at Fishery Wharf Cafe, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead

Thursday 13th September 2018 – Thursday 25th October 2018. 7.00-10.30pm

To get the full benefits from this seven week journey, I recommend that you are able to attend at least 5 of the 7 weeks, although commitment to all of them would be Ideal.

Course Fee: £150  Full payment to be received by 1st September                                    Early Bird Rate: £125 If booked & payed before 1st July 2018

This course is for over 18’s only

Due to the overwhelming success of this course. I am delving into the possibility of running Truly Spoken in various other formats which means it can be taken to different places and locations to suit, such as weekend intensive and 5-7 day Retreats in and around the UK. More information to come in the 2018.

“I’m passionate about helping others to find their story, share their authentic voice to rise up and shine” – Kate Walton.


“Kate is a truly wonderful workshop leader. Despite her considerable talent as both a writer and performer, she remains modest, and readily acknowledges that she is still learning herself. This gentle candour creates a warm, encouraging and quietly thrilling atmosphere. Participants feel supported, inspired, and emboldened to explore. Her workshops are deceptively quiet affairs. They are calm and smooth rather than upbeat and urging. They are intimate. The real work is happening internally, and continues to do so long after the workshop is ended” Cat Weatherill. International Storyteller & Author

“Kate inspires you to be brave in your own storytelling. She encourages creativity and truth telling. There are so many ways she generously shares her talent and experiences to facilitate confidence in exploring your own abilities. I have always leveraged my own writing for work related projects and because of Kate, I have re-explored creative writing.”       Anna Magnusson. Wild Words and Wisdom Participant

“Kate Walton is the woman behind one of the achievements of which I am most proud; the one woman show I wrote, performed and toured in 2014. This deeply fulfilling experience quite simply wouldn’t have happened without the inspiration, encouragement and multi-levelled support she gave. Kate was with me from the very start of my project, through and beyond its ending. She gave with easy generosity her creative, practical and personal support and expertise, always with her feet firmly on the ground and a smile on her lips. Her belief in me as an artist was profoundly catalytic. She was my anchor, my friend, mentor and cheerleader. I will always be grateful for what she gave me.”                     Naomi Zara. Authentic Artist Collective

A Snippet of Kate’s Story:

Creator and performer of two ‘One-Woman’ poetical true-life storytelling shows, Kate is a performance poet, true-life storyteller, workshop facilitator and StoryTramp. Having never stood on a stage since she was 13 years old, Kate set about her poetical mission in 2012 to unravel the mysteries and create legends through the art of sharing our stories, to reconnect with the people and poetics of life.                                                                         Now a slam winning poet and shortlisted by BASE (British Awards of Storytelling Excellence) as Outstanding Newcomer to Storytelling in 2013, Kate is the co-founder of Wild Words & Wisdom, An intimate evening of poetry, story & song for Women, A Member of Flashlight True-Life Storytellers in Birmingham, one of many ‘Tribal Voices’ holding fire spaces at green field gatherings and is the host & curator of the Bardic Fire at ‘Fire In The Mountain’, Aberystwth, Wales. Kate also has her own self-publishing imprint, StoryTramp and in 2016, co-founded Tellit, The UK’s First Festival of True-Life Storytelling in London. Coupled with 18 years of training and hospitality experience within a business environment, Kate brings a warm, creative and holistic approach to all that she does and is a shining example of what can happen when we truly embrace our authentic self and finally follow our dreams.