True Life Storytelling Workshops

True-Life Storytelling Workshops for Adults (16+)

True-life storytelling is fast becoming an exciting genre and movement of its own with true-life storytelling clubs across America, Europe and the UK. The beauty of true-life storytelling is that it is for everyone, you don’t need to be a performer, writer or have any experience in storytelling, we all have a story to tell whatever our walk of life, sometimes, they just need unlocking. These workshops will help you to find and shape your story, discover your unique voice and gain the confidence to tell it, wether it be for performance or to simply share around the dinner table.

Working with our personal stories, can also help us to identify with place and belonging,  seeing how myth can be weaved into our stories, offering a deeper connection to self, others and the lands we live upon.

Whatever you reason for wanting to explore your personal stories, true life storytelling is a passion of mine and I will gladly guide you in the art of sharing your stories, authentically and with confidence.

True Life Storytelling: The Beginning. 3 hour Workshop. This workshop offers a basic introduction to true life storytelling and why we would share our personal stories in the first place. We look at structure and shape and how to tell a good story, alongside the opportunity to share a story from your life.

Being Human. 3 Hour Workshop / Full Day from 10am-4pm (lunch not provided)   Life can offer a wealth of wisdom from our unique experiences, that although sometimes challenging, can be a wonderful key to growth. Thereby, working within our personal experience, we will seek to unlock the hidden wisdom behind the story we tell ourselves
and explore ‘What it means to be Human’ through a playful journey of self expression.

The Object of The Story. 3 Hour Workshop / Full Day from 10am-4pm (lunch not provided)  When we look around, our homes are filled with the treasures and memorabilia of a life lived. Pictures on the wall, the trinket box on the mantlepiece, the bits ‘n’bobs forgotten about tucked away in draws or the deeply personal items kept safely out of reach. It could be the watch on your wrist, or lucky pair of pants… whatever it may be, they all have a story to tell. Working with our personal objects we will explore how we can use them to shape and share our stories of life. (If possible, please bring your object with you to the workshop)

The Place I Live, The Land I Walk. 3 Hour Workshop / Full Day 10am-4pm (lunch not provided) We may have lived in many places throughout out lives or never left the place we were born, but how do we connect to where we live? and do we recognise how place can shape the stories of our life? Working with our immediate environment, we identify how the land that surrounds us can hold the key to unlock the mythology woven into our daily life, turning our everyday stories into a magical adventure and deeper sense of connection to where you live.

If any of the above workshops excite you as much as it does for me to offer them to you, then please contact me at for more information, where I will gladly send you out the full details and costs, by return.

I look forward to sharing the poetry and stories of life with you.

“Kate is a truly wonderful workshop leader. Despite her considerable talent as both a writer and performer, she remains modest, and readily acknowledges that she is still learning herself. This gentle candour creates a warm, encouraging and quietly thrilling atmosphere. Participants feel supported, inspired, and emboldened to explore. Her workshops are deceptively quiet affairs. They are calm and smooth rather than upbeat and urging. They are intimate. The real work is happening internally, and continues to do so long after the workshop is ended” Cat Weatherill. International Storyteller & Author and founder of ‘The Mee Club’