The Snowflake & The Angel


The Snowflake & The Angel. Written & Illustrated by Kate Walton

The Snowflake & The Angel is a pocket sized, family friendly, poetical story of a Snowflake as it travels through the seasons changes, helping us to explore the cyclical nature and beautiful journey of life.

This poetical story was inspired by a conversation with one of my best friends, Lisa, back in the winter of 2013.

Lisa and I had lived together as housemates for two very happy years prior to us both setting off for pastures new. I was embarking on a poetical mission and Lisa had moved to Indonesia to take up the position as an English teacher, a job that would allow her to explore different cultures and fore-fill her love of travel and children. During this time, Lisa’s best friend Geraldine went out Vietnam on an adventure of a lifetime. She rode motorbikes, climbed mountains and swam in the bluest of oceans, fully living the dream. It was her last week in Vietnam when Lisa went out to visit her best friend, before she was due to return home to England. On their last day together and both sharing a love of fitness, they set out on their morning run, but tragically life would never be the same again as Geraldine suffered a major brain aneurism along the way. Lisa spent 3 days at the side of her best friend as they clung onto some hope of life, but finally in the presence and love of Geraldine’s family who had now travelled to Vietnam, she peacefully passed away on the 16th December 2013.

When Lisa told me this story, I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our beautiful friend Geraldine and the journey Lisa had been through with her. A little while after, I was reflecting and couldn’t help but think; If I was to die tomorrow, it would be an honour to share my death with Lisa, whom in my eyes is one of life’s living Angel’s. With that strangely comforting thought in mind and in honour of Geraldine & Lisa, the metaphorical story of The Snowflake & The Angel was born.

The first edition of this booklet was originally made for Lisa, of which I illustrated myself. As the years passed and having shared this simple yet beautiful poem with others, I felt it was time to reach a wider audience, to share Geraldine’s & Lisa’s story and hopefully offer an introduction to children about the natural cycles of life and bring a little more peace to the often taboo subject of Life and Death. Then finally in late 2018, this story was given another lease of life and with thanks to Kit at Rose Pro studios, The Snowflake & The Angel was recorded alongside a simple film that follows the snowflakes journey from the original illustrations and is now out there in the world to land wherever it falls.

So whatever age you are, I hope you enjoy the simple sentiment offered.




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50p of every book sold will be donated to Headway, The Brain Injury Association in honour of Geraldine Agnew.

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