I Am Blackbird


I Am Blackbird first originated as a performance piece, my first ‘One-Woman’ true life storytelling experience. Compromising of seven individual pieces of poetry, poetical narrative and monologue, that were carefully woven together with linking pieces to create an overall story arch that celebrated the misadventures of finding love, but ultimately finding freedom.

As the show was fast approaching, I felt something was missing. I knew the show wouldn’t last forever and it would be great to have something as a keepsake of this particular collection and so I got to work on creating the book.

With the help of one of my best and beautiful friends, Jessica, we decided upon a theme for the illustrations and off she went and created the most beautiful ink drawn images. I was delighted! Each illustration for every individual piece fit so perfectly and represented the overall story with is soft lines and feminine feel. It was such a joy to have this special woman that has known me and been with me through most of the stories within I Am Blackbird, offer her talents and share apart of the process with me.

Then with a little help from my friend Jon (and brother in law to Jessica!) we worked on the layout, formatting, image placement and last minutes changes that never seemed to end, until finally, I Am Blackbird was ready to print!

Im on edition two now, where I think it will stay for some while, but having performed the pieces for a couple of years, there were some changes that need to be made and with the creation of StoryTramp Books, it was time to republish under on my own Imprint. It is the complete collection of all seven pieces or Chapters as I call them, only the book does not include the linking piece, as I choose to keepthat just for the show.

I Am Blackbird, was my first outing as a poetical writer and one woman performer and as such there is a naivety to it, that although the critic in me could look back with blushed cheeks, I can’t help but continue to adore it. And in all the years I have given away copies as gifts or sold them at shows, fairs and festivals, I have always received the same comments over and over from those who have read it, which is simply ‘Thank You for such a beautiful creation!’ This is my story, told the only way I knew how and therefore my heart and soul live upon those pages, ready to reach out and touch the hearts of those who pick it up.

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