StoryTramp Books


Sharing The Stories of Life…..

A simple moment, a life changing event, a jump of joy, a tear thats shed, a fast paced walk, a slow path ahead, the stillness of silence, the voice in our head. The people we meet, the drum that we beat, the song of our heart, the movement of feet, the sway of our body, the hands that we hold, the nature of being to grow and evolve. The pastures of new, the green fields of old, remembering our story as the journey unfolds, connecting as one through the mild and mysterious, to embrace ourselves fully through the human experience.

In July 2016, StoryTramp took on a brand new adventure to become StoryTramp Books, my self-publishing Imprint!

Sharing The Stories of Life, StoryTramp steps off the beaten path to publish works inspired by the human experience, lived and breathed fully by way of creative freedom and self expression. To heal and explore what it means to be human and reconnect with the people and poetics of life.

Committed to using recycled materials gathered along the way. All books published will be printed on FSC paper, using vegetable based inks where possible.

I like the sense of freedom that self publishing offers me, I can work at my pace, create what I like to create and build up a body of work that is true to my creative expression in whatever way that happens and when inspiration arrives.

Alongside my two completed works within the StoryTramp collection: I Am Blackbird  and The Snowflake & Angel, it is my intention publish a few new publications next year to include ‘The Bag Lady: Adventures of a StoryTramp’ which is already a collection in book form, only handmade and just one of them! A further collection of page poetry and  a new collection of stories that will follow on from where I Am Blackbird leaves off, hopefully to become not only a book, but my next ‘one woman’ true life storytelling show called ‘Open’ Watch this space!

I believe that in time, StoryTramp Books will grow to become a wonderful Imprint filled with the stories that inspire the new fairytale, the living legends and myth that live on through the poetry, story or whatever metaphorical way we choose to share our stories of life. I hope you will join me along the way. x

You can even check out some of my snap shots of life at