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This was scribed on my mobile phone, in a moment of late night/early morning inspiration where my bedroom became a backdrop for the words and thoughts that just came out.

Breaking Dawn. Shared at Some Kind of Blue at Arts 4 Arts Sake Fine Art gallery. Birmingham. Theme of the evening was Dreams. Filmed by and with thanks to Pat The Bull Films



Oh go on then! Lets have a good old break up poem!

Conversations in my head



Sometimes, it’s not until some time passes, that you realise how inspirational the people we meet along the journey, can really be.

In honour of Ben and all those who have lost their dear treasures to the big C.

The Captain and The Ship




I do have a soundcloud page, so feel free to check it out and hear some of my other pieces at kwfuzzie or Storytramp.

The Laundrette is about washing away the fears of love. Inspired by a moment of awareness, that no matter how hard you try, sometimes your mind just gets carried away with the complex dance of love, so perhaps its time to embrace it from a fresher perspective.



This Piece called Barrys Blueberry Jam is the result of a magical shadow puppet story workshop that StoryTramp and Gypsy Jam Collective held for the children of ‘Over the Moon’ festival in Sept 2013. It was one of my most favourite moments of the whole festival.



I also love to tell and share other stories for children and adults alike.

My favourite is ‘Oh! The places you’ll Go!’ By Dr Seuss. It was the last book he wrote and is a wonderful reminder for children and adults alike, to take life in our stride!

You can hear me sharing his story below. I hope you love it as much as I do!



I hope you enjoyed some of these, you can check out my others if you’d like…


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