The Bag Lady. Adventures of a StoryTramp


Smudged by the sweet scent of smoke fire and tobacco torn linings, The Bag Lady shares the wares from her road less travelled. Brimming with poetical gems and pearls of wisdom, the bag holds a treasure book of stories, just waiting to be told.

Become a part of this magical adventure as it unfolds through the open flow of unwinding roads, where past meets present on a barefoot journey of love, life and the redefining of a new sense of ‘Home’
True life, interactive and immersive.
Where the story goes, no-one knows….

“The Bag Lady – Adventures of a Story Tramp”. Fabulous, informal and intimate. I felt I was swept into Kate’s living room and into all the stories that surround her. Jade Parsonage, StoryPlayers

I was given the opportunity to create a one hour show by wonderful storyteller and friend Jade Parsonage of StoryPlayers. I wasn’t quite ready yet to begin work on the follow up to ‘I Am Blackbird’, nor did I want to have a show that was so heavily structured. I had lots of stories of travels and adventures that I didn’t seem to share that often but as a collection, I was unsure how could I work them into a one hour show when there were so many stories that could be told?

Then I realised, I didn’t need to! The stories I wanted to share are about freedom and adventure. Taking the plunge into the great unknown, going with the flow and living in the moment not knowing what that moment might bring, and so I decided to leave the story selection to the audience on the night! By delving deep into the Bag Ladies bag to reveal trinkets and treasures, the stories would unravel, each show taking on its own direction to the places and the faces that inspired a moment of magic along the way. And so ‘The Bag Lady. Adventures of a StoryTramp’ was born and was so much fun to perform for the perfectly formed audience at StoryPlayers in Canterbury.

The show is available and can be tailored too suit most environments, as long as the audience is willing to come along for the ride!

I also created an accompanying book to go with the show, although this particular one is my ‘one-off’ handmade by me, creation and prop, used in the show.


However It is possible to purchase your very own beautiful one-off handmade treasure book of stories that holds the whole ‘Bag Lady‘ collection for you to enjoy. I do hope to have the book published in print by next year (2018) so watch this space! However, If you would like me to make you a handmade, hand stitched, filled with love version of your own, please drop me an e-mail to The £150 +p&p cost reflects the love and labour that goes into the process alongside the original stories & poems that fill it. Delivery will be some time in the not too distant future and does come with a performance if so desired! I appreciate it might not be for everyone!

I also offer a three hour or full day true life storytelling workshop calledThe Object of the Story, working with personal objects and how we can use them to shape and share our stories of life.

For more information about the show or workshops, please contact me at where I will be more than happy to chat with you.