I Am Blackbird


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‘I Am Blackbird’ Written & Performed by Kate Walton

“A poetical true life storytelling experience, celebrating the misadventures of finding love and ultimately finding freedom” Kate Walton

Rich in poetical pattern with a storytelling stitch ‘I Am Blackbird’ threads the bare tapestry of one woman’s journey through the divine discontent of love, loss and ridiculous adventures and hopes to remind – If we have faith, live for the moment and learn to love and accept ourselves for all our glorious mess – ups, we may just find more than we were looking for….

If someone had told me 7 years ago, that I would be standing on a stage, poetically sharing all that I’d keep hidden from myself, let alone from those I shared my life with, I’d likely of laughed and said “Yeah! Right?”

But thats what I did! – Nerve jangling, soul bearing, heart wearing on sleeve, style. It was one of the most liberating and freeing experiences I have ever had!

I was so nervous about doing the show. So many questions buzzed through my head. Who am I to share my story? and Why would anybody be interested? But having realised that I could use my experiences creatively to transform shadows and step into the light, I knew there was nothing left to do but shine. To fully embrace, accept and find love, in all that came before and continues along the journey of discovering just what our inner ‘I’ is really all about.

I only intended to run the show as a one off special, but it ended up running over three consecutive nights in March 2013 at venues in Oxford, Lichfield and Birmingham. Each night was a completely different experience, but all were amazing, mainly down to the wonderful audiences that welcomed my story with a warm and open heart.

“Powerful, emotive, tragic, funny, beautifully performed, your journey using storytelling and poetry had me in tears Kate….before leading me to laughter! Well, well done!” xx Louise Stokes. Birmingham

“been a long time since I was as moved by a performance as I was by Kate Walton‘s I am Blackbird. If you get the chance to see this wonderful show, do – as a massive fan of Tracey Emin, this is the kind of poignantly raw yet uplifting confessional art I adore.” Dan Holloway. Oxford

“Where to start…I am Blackbird is a truly wonderful, heartfelt, soul laid bare performance….I laughed, I cried, I think I could only hear my heart beat at points I was that captivated by what you were saying! Kate you’re amazing! Thank you for such a brilliant night, and to anyone whose not seen this girl perform, I strongly recommend that you do, love you honey, and bloody well done!!” Xx Sophie Walton. Lichfield (she may be my sister, but it still counts!!)

A few months later, I was chuffed to have ‘I Am Blackbird’ accepted into ‘Birmingham Fest’ A new fringe performing arts festival in Birmingham, during July 2013. This was a ‘One night special!’ where for the first time, the show and I took to the spotlight of The Crescent Theatre Studio, one of Birmingham’s leading theatrical venues. It was a pleasure to share my story once again with a lovely intimate audience in such a wonderful venue.

“I’ve never watched a full length performance poetry show, found this one very watchable. Kate relayed her life story in a calming, flowing, lyrical manner, delivering difficult issues with ease and sensitivity and confessions with honesty that was touching.” anon

“Beautifully performed” anon

“Excellent Storytelling. So engaging – mesmerising” anon

Then in 2016, I Am Blackbird took flight once more at Shambala Festival, where in the Harmony Yurt, I shared my story to a beautiful and intimate audience of festival goers.

So a massive thank you is due to all my friends, family and the friends I’d not yet met, who came to see the show and embraced me and my story where ever it was. Thanks also to all the wonderful venues and festivals for opening their doors for me to host ‘I Am Blackbird’ and Birmingham Fest for welcoming me on board.

However, the story doesn’t stop there as this whole experience has now become a rich part of my tapestry that travels along with me, only now I carry it as a creative joy, not a heavy baggage! Therefore ‘I Am Blackbird’ will be flying out on the road, as part of my ongoing travelling collection of StoryTramp Books.

I whole heartedly encourage others with the opportunity to share their stories. So many of us sit in the shadows alone without realising we hold a wealth of wisdom and knowledge from the unique experiences of a journey that ultimately we all share and which can lead us to reconnect with life and the people we meet along the way.

If you would like to know more or would be interested in me bringing the show to your venue or event, or offering one of my Truly Spoken Workshops or 7 week Journey, then please contact me at storytramp@outlook.com and I’ll be happy to see what we can arrange.

I also have copies of my accompanying booklet, produced to go with the show. So if you would like to purchase a copy for £8 inc p&p, please select the Buy Now option and I will gladly send you one out, alternatively, please see StoryTramp Books/I Am Blackbird for more information.

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‘I Am Blackbird’ was a truly magical experience.

I believe we are all bestowed with gifts of magic. We just need to believe in ourselves and set free our inner ‘I’ to finally spread our wings and fly.

As a little preview, click the link below for the self titled Prologue ‘I Am Blackbird’ Hope you enjoy!

And here are a few pictures from my performances of the show.

Kate 1   IMG_4399



Photographs courtesy of Sophie Walton, Jessica Isaacs and Elisha Owen. Thanks Ladies.

And video footage courtesy of Nadeem Chughtai.



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