One Woman Shows

As both writer and performer, I have always been drawn to the creation and sharing of my own life adventures through poetry and storytelling shows. This is often a cathartic process which allows me to take stock of all the people, places and experiences I encounter and find the wisdom within to turn these sometimes harder life lessons and the beauty of life’s moments into the universal window, so many of us share.

My shows are steeped in truth, or at least the truth as I experience it! You see, another of my favourite mantra’s is to say;

“The art of the true life sharer, is to only share the truth of their experiences and beliefs. The art of the listener, is to only ever to believe the truth of that which resonates in you”

I currently have two ‘One Woman’ shows. I Am Blackbird and The Bag Lady: Adventures of a StoryTramp, both of which offer a rich tapestry of life in all its glorious colours. Please select the links for more information on each.

I am currently working on a new show called ‘Open’ which will follow on from ‘I Am Blackbird’ to become the second show in what will eventually be a trilogy. I am hopeful to get this out there sometime this year, so watch this space for more news…