If I had to be put into a performance box, then I guess you could say;

I’m a Performance Poet and True Life Storyteller with a slight ‘brummy’ twang and hands that cant keep still!


But, I prefer not to be put in a box and like to consider myself as simply, a sharer of words, poems, stories, poetical stories, story poems, day dreams, night dreams, any dreams and of course, the truth.

“Kate’s style is unique and totally captivating. It’s a kind of
rhyming, rhythmic balladesque sort of indefinable style. Whatever it is, her
mode of delivery draws you in spellbound from the start and keeps you that
way…sometimes with laughter, sometimes in horror but
always wanting more.” Anon.

I always loved to write poetry when I was younger, albeit a bedroom writer of what I liked to call ‘little ditties’. But then I found a passion for writing poetical stories that document the journey of life, whether using metaphor or simply telling it as it is, albeit with a little rhyme involved.

Little did I know, that I would come to love performing or might actually be any good at sharing my stories! But in 2013, someone thought I was, as I received the honour of being nominated and shortlisted for the BASE (British Awards of Storytelling Excellence)  Outstanding Newcomer to Storytelling Award 2013.











Prior to this, I had never stood on a stage since I was 13 years old, but a calling swept over me in 2012 and so I lit a candle, said a prayer and went to my first ever open mic night, where I shared a poem and from that moment on, I never looked back!

So since my journey as a performer began, I feel truly blessed to have written, produced and performed my two ‘One Woman Shows’‘I Am Blackbird’The Bag Lady’. Adventures of a StoryTramp.

The past 6 years has seen me perform at many festivals, including Shambala, Glastonbury, Cheltenham Poetry Festival & Birmingham Literature Festival, to name but a few. Feature as part of The New Libertines line up throughout 2012-2013. Become a region finalist and national slam winning team member for Hammer & Tongue Oxford 2013 and I continue to have the enormous pleasure of being part of Tribal Voices, a collective of amazing poets and musicians holding poetry fire circles at various green field festivals throughout the summer months. I also co-run and host the Bardic Fire at the award winning small festival Fire in The Mountain, Aberywstyth, Wales.


However my passion is for truth and sharing our life stories and as such I am one of a troupe of Birmingham based True Life Storytellers know as Flashlight True Life Tellers led by International Storyteller Cat Weatherill. I have also performer numerous times at Natural Born Storytellers, one of London’s Leading true-life storytelling clubs of which founder Michael Kossew and I, Co-founded Tellit Festival: The UK’s first ever festival of true life storytelling, in 2016.


More recently, I now have the pleasure of working alongside Regional Voice Theatre, based in the West Midlands, where I work as a storyteller, alongside Glen Bluglass on the annual ‘Winter Tales’ touring show, directed by Glen, with original stories written by David Calcutt and this year, the adaptation of Henry James classic ‘The Turn of the Screw’


All details of performances, workshops and events I will be hosting are listed within the ‘Whats on 2018’ tab at the top of the page, so please take a look, get involved and come and find me.


**Photograph credits to Bernard Davis @ Diverse Dancers – Exhibition Soiree | Photogiraffe Live Art. for Tribal Voices @ Small World Festival and BASE @ The BASE awards ceremony in Milton Keynes October 2013**