Victory at Hammer & Tongue, Oxford March Slam.

So i went along to the Hammer & Tongue, Oxford March Slam, with the intention to go and hopefully drum up some interest and promote my forthcoming show ‘I Am Blackbird’ and thought i’d also take part in the slam, or at least try my luck!

I only went and won it?!! (Just!)

I’d decided to perform my latest piece, which is something a little different from my usual style. More expressionate, a different rhythm and i also use movement to enhance the piece. It’s called ‘The Laundrette’ and its concept was born from a moment of awareness, when we capture ourselves lost in thought and realise the patterns  of how we allow our imagination to create fantastic stories and dances in our head. The essence of the poem is about washing away the fears and stains of past love experience and re-embracing love from a new and fresher perspective despite the pain we know it can bring. Its about accepting and giving in with understanding!

check it out here if you want to..?!

I was a bit shocked, mainly due to my maths being so poor that i had no idea of the scores, but i  was delighted to win, even if it was a somewhat bitter sweet victory, as i just pipped my good friend and most wonderful poet Dan Holloway to the win by 0.1 point! I’ll take it never the less! but this does mean, i go through to the Regional final in May and no doubt up against some other amazing Slam Poets, so wish me luck!!

I’ve never considered myself a Slam Poet, as generally speaking i struggle to keep anything that comes from my mouth succinct! so writing pieces for Slam which are under three minutes is somewhat of a difficulty for me! I’m more your rambling storyteller that becomes more comfortable with my performance after the 10 minute mark passes! so I guess, this will be a great way for me to try and discipline my writing and storytelling in new ways, so i’m looking forward to the process of writing and performing some new shorter pieces.

I have a few ideas of what i would like to write about, but i wont be giving them away just yet, so it’s time to let the imagination flow and get writing…. see you all soon x

Check out the link for Hammer & Tongue


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