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Hello & Welcome!

My name is Kate and I have a mantra! In fact I have a few, but this particular one is

‘To make my life my living, by living my life’

If I were to list all the things I did and do in the name of poetry, story and creative being, we’d be here for some while, so to make it easier for both you and me, I have bunched them into groups so you can peruse at your own leisure.

Along the tab line you will find the headings Performer, Wild Wisdom Calling and StoryTramp. These are the golden threads of my work, that weave my passion and gifts together as a; performer of the poetics of life, workshop and event facilitator for mind body and soul and independent self publisher of my own works inspired by our personal stories and exploration of the human experience and nature of being.

I do all this in the name of Poetry, Story & Creative Being, as to live by my mantra, the work I do is not simply about doing a ‘Job’, its is a way of life.

You see, to me, poetry is not just about words on a page, it is the way we live and see the world, our connection to nature and the beauty and tragedy found in the intricacy of the weave. The profound, the mundane and the unique and magical way in which we express our selves to the world. It is the voice of our heart song. It’s within our personal stories mirrored in the metaphor of life, our ability to turn the page when we are stuck in a chapter. It is the movement of body, our sacred dance, the shake up to wake up and let go. It is the simplicity of sharing a cuppa with friend or stranger, or finding a place where your name is remembered. It is the wealth of wisdom waiting to be found and creatively explored and transformed. Its freeing the mind from our old paradigm and opening our eye. It is reflecting, reconnecting and reclaiming our stories and poetics of life to become our own living legend and the new wave of fairytale.

Through my own journey of healing, spiritual awakening and creative exploration, I embraced the gifts I uncovered within myself and am truly a believer in ‘Making my life my living, by living my life’ Ive been blessed with the opportunity to work with so many great people and be inspired by so many, and so I hope to pass it on and keep inspiring and keep doing what I love.

I am based in Hertfordshire, where I live with my partner and two dogs along the banks of the Grand Union Canal at Fishery Wharf Cafe, a relaxing and tranquil canal-side cafe and venue, where you can enjoy a cuppa, delicious homemade food and cake and a slice of the good life whilst simply sitting and watching the boats go by. This is my home venue where I hold most of my workshops and events.

And with all this going on I keep my self centred, connected to nature and the childlike spirit within through my work with Nature Inspired Art and creative play with Children where throughout the school holidays I offer outdoor creative play and the opportunity for children to embrace, learn and reconnect with nature.IMG_0945

All in all, Im loving it and I’d love it if you loved it too! So join me along the way to being a seeker and speaker of the truth. Living passionately, creatively, embracing all that comes our way and having fun, so forget about the humdrum, just feel free to simply be, to write and share and express yourself truly.

So enough about me, tell me about you…..

Kate x


A snippet of my story…
It was in 2011 that I felt the wild call of my heart pulling me away from all I’d known to embrace the exact opposite of the complete unknown.
As a little girl, I always enjoyed writing stories and poems and had decided I wanted to be a travel writer, although I imagined that to mean I’d travel to exotic places for free and write reviews on 5 star hotels, waxing lyrical over waterfalls and swimming pools and the quality of the hotel buffet! Despite a short stint in which these dreams sort of came true, life took over and dreams were replaced by the bind of the rat-race. By the time I hit 30, yes, I had a decent job that paid the bills, but I also had a string of failed relationships, a broken heart from a tragic parting, no passion flowing through my veins and no real sense of who I was anymore. I didn’t much like the world I saw around me, I felt confused and disconnected, and thats when I heard it… the call of my wild heart asking me to change, change the way I saw the world, the way I lived and loved, to free myself with such wild abandon that I would no longer recognise who I was.
It took a little while as fear was a good friend of mine, but slowly I found a way to make some changes. Small changes at first, shortly followed by the big life changers and soon enough, I’d left my job, left my home, bought a caravan and was off on the open road! It was the most magical adventure of surrender which led me to the people and places I could only ever dream about whilst I was too busy sleeping. I started to write again and before I knew it, doors were swinging open for me to share my words, stand on stages and become the strong brave female I was, with something to say! So I said it! Loud and proud and within my first year of performing, I had written, produced and performed my first ever ‘One woman show, won regional and national poetry slams and was shortlisted as Outstanding Newcomer to Storytelling 2013 by BASE (British Awards Storytelling Excellence) It was at this point that I realised, I had become a travel writer, only just in a very different way than I first imagined!
Everything was all going really well, but I felt my passion for the stage was waning. I was becoming more comfortable around the warmth of the festival fire, feeling my connection to the earth and nature whilst holding smaller poetry and story spaces that offered a more intimate connection in our sharing, and finally having the realisation that by sharing my stories, I too could help others to find theirs  and creating a space for them to feel heard. This is when my true passion began.
So here I am, mixing over 15 years of training & hospitality experience with my own life’s wisdom, the performance and writing abilities I’ve acquired and most importantly, my desire and heartfelt passion to help us reconnect to our truth, our nature and our authentic selves to embrace the wisdom we hold and dance to the rhythm of our wild hearts call!

I’ll look forward to sharing more with you along this journey x

16 thoughts on “About Kate

  1. Hi Kate, it’s Susan here. We met at the Into the Wild Gathering. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your book. It’s so beautiful to read and it’s such a lovely creation. Much of what you share resonates with me. I lost your email address and I wanted to get in touch to see if you were interested in joining with the ‘Realise your dreams’ group I’m running. We meet once a month and it’s this coming Sunday. If you feel drawn then please email me so I can tell you more about it. It’d be great to be in touch anyway. My email is susan@helpmetorelax.com
    Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine
    Susan x

    • Susan! So lovely to hear from you and you wouldn’t likely believe that i was just thinking about you as i just found the email you sent from your phone at ITW! And then i saw your message here! Im so pleased you enjoyed my book, we all share so many similar experiences and i know for myself that it good to feel like we can resonate with and through others shared experiences too. Your group sounds wonderful so i will email you, so you have my details too. Look forwards to seeing you soon x And YES, the sunshine is a very much offering Light relief! x

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  3. here is my poem about harlequin fayre; a festival i went to recently which kate was at. I included in verse 5 a little about kate and meeting her, and thought it would be nice to share this with anyone who enjoys or can appreciate poetry, or joined the many people at harlequin festival. I am 11 years old and ever since I can remember have loved writing poetry, stories, and playscripts. My advice to budding poets/authors is to never lose imagination and you can accomplish anything!! enough talking, please enjoy my poem: hehe!!

    (Verse 1-)

    I dance with the jester,
    As the days fly by,
    But my oh my!
    Non-evanescenced memories keep within.
    How I dance with the jester,
    Through challenges created,
    In order to test me,
    Right through to my bones,
    Thick and thin.

    (Verse 2-)

    He gazed at me with red feverish eyes,
    Then took my hand by pleasant suprise,
    For we danced the Earth’s worries away,
    In the spirit of Harlequin,
    Yester’s days of today.

    And, oh, when night follows into the day,
    I bid farewell;
    Jester told ‘I cannot stay’,
    Though unto Harlequin’s memories like a hand bound to my heart,
    I dance with the jester,
    So reluctant to part.

    (Verse 3-)

    Such a helping hand of comfort upon a shoulder as of me,
    Crayon picture paintings as the young’s imagination runs free,
    And I know,
    How I know,
    The memories of Harlequin Fayre forever will stay with me,
    As I dance with that jester,
    So wild and so free.

    (Verse 4-)

    Poetry’s stories expressed,
    By a quaint caravan,
    And a kind woman with whom I talk,
    As we venture into the Earth’s troubles and walk,
    Through unexplored depths of vast ocean,
    With controversy and commotion,
    Caused by lyrical verse,
    Not artificially to rehearse;
    A story of nature’s tongue.
    And I danced with the jester and the jester danced with me,
    A filling aura of passion and of peace wished both between.

    (Verse 5-)

    I reminiscence as my mind wanders here;
    A man by the campfire,
    Murmuring, dancing, utters sacred words,
    Met by ignorant laughing herds,
    Of sheeple, sorry, people,
    Who look on and frown,
    Viewing him as nothing but a clown.

    Yet I see through them all,
    As my contemplations stand tall,
    As the eve grows dark,
    And as his flowing positive energy now truly beith hark.
    Holy chanting flow from mouth,
    Universe sounds,
    All are expressed with the passion of his dreams,
    And the truth that he surrounds.

    (Verse 6-)

    Aye, so I thank Harlequin Fayre,
    For it’s place in my soul,
    And it’s memories in my mind,
    For I think that I might find,
    If I’d looked a little closer,
    When I leaveth,
    That the jester was not dancing very far behind! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kellie-May for sharing your amazing poem with us all, just sorry its taken a little while to get it up here.
      Such inspiring wise words and worldly vision of life and Harlequin Festival!
      Hope you and your dad are very well and your writing lots, i have lots of stories buzzing around my head, so much to be written!
      Wishing you all the best Kellie May and speak soon. x

      • hi kate,
        haven’t spoken in a little while- I have since then written my own poetry and creative writing blog with several of my poems on and writing tips for young aspiring writers at: http://www.kelliepoetryblog.simplesite.com ! I hope you are well? Dad says hi, he wanted to make a note of a poetry group in Bristol which you made conversation about; do you recollect the group name?

        Much love and peaceful wishes to you,
        Love, Kellie-May ~<3~ 🙂

      • Hey Kellie-May! So wonderful to hear from you. Im so sorry i havent been in touch, i have only this week returned from being in the fields, so finally, i have good connections again! That is fantastic news about your blog and well done for wanting to inspire other young poets such as yourself and offering advice and handy tips! You really are a truly inspiring young lady, you have inspired me, so i have no doubt you peers will fine you compelling and your poetry amazing. Keep doing what your doing and i look forwrads to reading your blog, and hearing your poetry and stories. Stay in touch and keep an eye out for some more of my own work coming soon! Much love and best wishes. Kate (aka StoryTramp!) x

  4. hi Kate, just to say I have emailed you my finished poem and would be more than happy for you to share with others on this websitexxxxx
    StoryTramp Kellie-may

  5. hi kate, i thought i would share with you and everyone else a poem i found this morning; it is rather whimsical yet simplistic, though suprisingly it conjures up a detailed mental fairytale-like image and i love it for it’s playful use of words and description about mythical fairy-like creatures.It is written by Jacqueline Wilson from her book Green glass beads- a poetry collection!!! ;p :

    ‘Overheard on a Salmarsh’

    Nymph, nymph, what are your beads?

    Green glass, goblin. Why do you stare at them?

    Give them me.

    Give them me. Give them me.

    Then I will howl all night in the reeds,
    Lie in the mud and howl for them.

    Goblin, why do you love them so?

    They are better than stars or water,
    Better than voices of winds that sing,
    Better than any man’s fair daughter,
    Your green glass beads on a silver ring.

    Hush, I stole them out of the moon.

    Give me your beads, I want them.

    I will howl in the deep lagoon
    For your green glass beads, I love them so.
    Give them me. Give them.

      • Hi kate. gr8 to meet u at harlequin fayre, much good times. kellie-may and I checked out space girls salon n really enjoyed your poems on youtube. we both think you and your poetry are so cool n awesome ! We need poets, hope n love in the world now, more than ever !- BIG THANKS from fellow story tramps- marc and kellie-may.

      • Hey Marc and Kellie-May, im so happy to hear from you!
        Thank you so much for coming along to the Salon, it was truly great to meet you both and its moment like that that make what we do, so worth while. Kellie-May was an inspiration to me and i was so proud to share the stage with her for a few minutes.
        Please stay in touch and do send me her finished festival poem and if she would like i will happily put it on my website to share the beauty of collaboration and just how amazing the workshops and Salon space can be for inspiring poets of all ages!!
        Glad you enjoyed my poems and keep on Storytramping!! x

      • Hi kate, this is kellie-may. it was lovely to meet you at the harlequin fayre festival and your poems have really inspired me to keep writing stories and poems. as soon as I have completed my harlequin poem I will email you with it ! hope we may stay in touch via your website or email ! lots of love and take care of yourself x kellie-may.

      • Thank you Kellie-May. We shall definitely keep in touch. My e-mail is spongebob-kate@hotmail.co.uk. or happily just post on here. Please do send me your poem and thank you for inspiring me to keep writing, sharing and having hope for the future, with such wonderful poets and storytellers out there like you! Look forwards to your story soon! Lots of love. Kate x

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